Osaka, Japan's #1 waste of bandwidth...

This is the personal web site of Bill Perrin from Osaka, Japan. There really isn't anything interesting here, and this site is truly a complete waste of bandwidth for most. It's my little corner of the web where I can foist my bizarre design ideas and rarely updated HTML upon an unsuspecting public.

Let the narcissism begin!

Howto remove/disable Nero Scout in Nero 8

In the time that I've used Nero 8 I've found it seems to run more smoothly than its predecessor. However, one leftover still remains that I think is completely unnecessary, Nero Scout. If you search the web you'll find many pages telling you how to remove Nero Scout from Nero 7. It's a major system hog that will suck away your resources.

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Consulate General of China in Osaka

Getting ready to head off to China on a business trip or holiday? Don't forget to apply for your visa well in advance. There are only two countries that I know of that don't need visas for short trips, Japan and Singapore. Everyone else needs one.

Here's how to get to the Chinese Consulate in Osaka and apply for a visa.

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PGP is the original encryption tool for securing your communications and data. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. Released by Phil Zimmerman in 1991, Network Associates acquired PGP Inc. at the end of 1997, but PGP Corporation eventually bought back PGP products and intellectual property from Network Associates in 2002.

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No Proxy Servers

Occasionally I like to surf the net without "big brother" looking over my shoulder. These links will let you surf without too many people knowing where you are coming from...

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Japan News & Info

This collection of links covers general Japan info sites and professional news sites.

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Translating Japanese Online

Translating between Japanese and English can be a daunting task...luckily there are plenty of resources and tools online to 'ease the pain' a little. Most of these sites require you to be able to see Japanese on your system.

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Japanese Search Engines and Directories

Information available on Japanese Search Engines in English is not very plentiful on the web. Most info is terribly outdated or extremely limited. While this page is not totally comprehensive, it does list all of the major players.

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