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Air Diamond

I heard from Andy Thomas recently and he pointed me over to Dave Diamond's new website. Dave's doing a lot with 3D graphics and flight instruction. Here's a snippet from his About page:

At age 10, Diamond had his heart set on becoming an airline pilot. "There was just nothing cooler to me than a pilot," recalls Diamond. But FAA regulations require that pilot applicants be 17 years or older. "I wanted to fly, but I knew it wasn't going to happen any time soon. So I focused on my second love: music. There was no FAA regulation preventing a 10-year old from becoming a rock star!"

Seven years later Diamond found himself a founding member of the 1980s rock group Berlin. During the band's first tour he experienced flight in a small airplane for the first time.

Dave Diamond

"We were staying in a hotel in East Lansing, Michigan," recalls Diamond. "The hotel's bartender was also a flight instructor, which I found to be a curious combination of careers. He invited me to fly with him." Then 17, finally old enough to earn his wings, Diamond was without the time to complete the training. "Being a rock star can really eat into your day," jokes Diamond.

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