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Bryant Simpson - Bassist

versatile (vur.se-tel) adj
1. Capable of turning competently from one task to another.

Versatile is the word that best discribes bassist, Bryant Simpson.

Bryant Simpson

Born in Los Angeles, Bryant's musical career began in Fullerton, California, the birthplace of the Fender bass. He was always enamored with the sound of the bass, but it wasn't until high school that he got the opportunity to explore his musical desires, when his father bought Bryant a bass to keep him out of trouble. From that moment, he was hooked! He then moved on to Fullerton College and for the next 2 years played electric and acoustic bass in their award winning jazz ensemble under the direction of Terry Blackley and Jim Linnahon. After graduating, Bryant began studying privately with MIT staff bassist and jazz veteran, Luther Hughes and bass virtuoso, John Pattitucci, while maintaining steady work in the Orange County area Top 40 scene and as a member of the jazz quartet "Blueprint", featuring Ron Kobayashi. Although his roots were in funk, R&B and jazz, Bryant also had a love for rock music and in 1982 he joined the local Orange County rock group ZOT. Adding his funky groove with their modern rock edge proved to be a winning combination and the group was soon signed to Elektra/Asylum records. They enjoyed brief success until the group disbanded in 1985.

This began a virtual avalanche of performing and recording with artists from a vast variety of musical genres including Maria Conchita Alonso, Lindsey Buckingham, Terry Bozio, Duran Duran's Andy Taylor, Sex Pistol Steve Jones, producers, Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, The Cars), Keith Olson (Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osborne), Pat Moran, (Robert Plant) and many others.

Bryant Simpson

1987 marked Bryant's return to the jazz scene as a member of B-Sharp, a trio which featured the late Jeff Buckley on guitar who would later enjoy a successful solo career. The following year Bryant began a two year stint with jazz saxophonist/Blue Note recording artist Karl Densen and he continued performing and/or recording with artists in the jazz and R&B world include Big Jay McNealy, Jimmy Witherspoon, Miki Howard, Rashaan Patterson, Herman Riley, Colour Club and the Derek Bordoux Group, just to name a few. He also worked with Contemporary Christian artists, BASIX, Joe Nathan and various LA area choirs. He even had a 4 season run with the Los Angeles Rams Big Band! These days, you can find Bryant performing just about anywhere in and around Southern California.

Bryant believes that God has blessed him with a gift and a love for all kinds of music and that his versatility allows him to supply good creative, .bottom line. bass wherever it is needed.

  • 65 Fender Jazz Bass
  • John Carruthers 5 string
  • Pedulla fretless
  • 1940's German upright bass
  • SWR, Eden and Walter Woods Amps
  • With Zot . ZOT (Elektra/Asylum)
  • With Lindsey Buckingham . GO INSANE (Elektra Asylum)
  • With Rashaan Patterson . LOVE IN STEREO (MCA)
  • With J.R. Lewis . ONCE (RCD)
  • With Andy Taylor . AMERICAN ANTHEM soundtrack (Atlantic)
  • With Basix . TODAY and BASIX LIVE

If you'd care to contact Bryant Simpson please send a message to the webmaster of this site.

Posted by Bill at April 10, 2005 12:53 AM


I've seen this guy play bass and he is amazing.
He can ride a unicycle and play at the same time.
Hey Bryant are you still doing the pottery thing.
We really would like to buy some of your pieces...

Posted by: Jim Turner at April 27, 2010 7:59 PM

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