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e-mail from E. Hostetter

Pat Knowles (Zot) went to my high school. I remember seeing Zot perform onstage at our school's talent show. They were a three-person band at the time, adding bass player Simpson months later.

While some of us made snide remarks for their wearing makeup, they were clearly the best performance of the night and brought many of us back to the 2nd show the night after. I remember listening on a Walkman to Pat's brother's copy of their 3 or 4 song demo tape between classes at school.

"Zot" remained a part of the community (Huntington Beach, CA) for years after the band broke up. An old water tower bore the "Zot" logo - a publicity stunt of theirs - in an attempt to get the word out about the band and sell records. Unfortunately, the graffiti lasted longer than the band did.

I still have a copy of the LP somewhere. Seeing this site makes me want to find it and take it for a spin again, if only to take me back to those days.

Something I forgot to mention about Zot...I believe Dave Diamond (of Berlin fame) played with Zot, prior to Zot's deal with Elektra.

Can't be sure if it's the same Zot, although the timeframe would be about the same (early 80's).


Posted by Bill at March 7, 2004 5:55 PM


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